Ditch the beads, columns, chloroform, and harsh salts.

...and magnets, centrifuges, vacuums, and excessive tubes.

Whichever your method, DNA extractions have not fundamentally changed.

Until now.

The Problem

Column, bead, and precipitation-based extraction kits appear very different from each other but they all share the same fundamental chemistry and workflow.

Here's How

The Solution

Using charge alone to extract, purify, and concentrate DNA can be done. And it's revolutionary. Here’s how 35 years of sample prep technology is being disrupted.

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High-yield, quantified DNA.

From cultured cells through FFPE.

DNA stays in its native, solubilized state.

No more dehydrating and rehydrating DNA.

Lyse your sample, load the chip, and walk away.

Return to eluted and quantified DNA.

We separate molecules based on charge.

The possibilities are endless.

News & Events

  • January 13, 2018
    Plant & Animal Genome (PAG) Annual Meeting
    The Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG) brings together the leading plant and animal genetic scientists and researchers.
  • February 12, 2018
    Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting
    The AGBT General Meeting brings together the latest advances in DNA sequencing technologies, software, applications, and data resources for genomic studies.